aid helping senior man get up from a chair

Hi Everyone, 

As you know, mom has had a rough time since the beginning of this year.  I’m happy to say that she is doing much better physically and cognitively.   

Catherine and Johanne have been immensely helpful and caring to mom . ..  and to me as well.  They’re affection for mom is open, natural and extremely touching to me. There is an alliance of trust and that we have that is extraordinary and I compliment your expertise in hiring, training and ultimately choosing the right person for the right client.  I have come to call them my sisters.  

I also know that there must be a client out there who needs Johanne as much as mom has needed her over the past few months.  She has been a godsend in so many ways.  She is totally reliable, honest, compassionate, has initiative, is resourceful and is willing to do whatever is needed to put her client at ease.  Mom keeps saying she should have been a doctor.  Johanne is always professional, sensitive and appropriate but she is also warm and affectionate.  She also has a wonderful sense of humor and is often able to cajole mom into a better mood when she is down and make sure mom does what is needed when she is being stubborn or resisting “the rules.”  

Dear Catherine is also extraordinary in many ways.  She is a natural and generous caregiver and puts her heart and soul into her work while forming lifelong friendships. During the times when mom was in crisis, Catherine often called mom and/or me during her free time and on weekends to ask how mom was doing and to tell her “I love you”.  She is totally open to learning and curious about all things. She has a hunger for knowledge that is worth supporting and nurturing.  She is an asset to your organization and will make a great nurse one day.  We are happy and grateful to have her in our lives.  

I will have more specifics in a few days but I wanted to let you know what was going on so that you can assign these very fine caregivers to other fortunate clients.  

Helen A.

I can’t thank you enough for getting us over the hurdle of her post-hospital transition.  We saw such a change in her abilities at that time and had no idea how to address them.  We just didn’t know what she needed or how to get it and you were there to guide us through that process.  It made such a difference to all of us.  The aides that JFS at Home provided were top-notch, caring, and professional.  I will send a separate email to Tara, Natasha & Marissa but every element of scheduling & billing was professional to a “T”.  I never encountered a problem; it was solved before I knew about it.  We were in good hands all the way through.

I wish you a sweet and healthy Rosh Hashanah and the best for the new year and beyond.

Amy P.

I want to make a formal recommendation regarding Novi. My mother had a “complete freak out” as to where she wanted to live and she wanted go to another house she thought was her house. Novi did everything she needed to do correctly: she called me and I talked my mother down and she put on a nice TV show for Rosh Hashanah. She’s wonderful! And we love her. Margot says she sits and talks with her about the old days and she really treats her so special. Thank U thank U thank U for all you do for our Jewish elderly. L’shanah Tovah blessings to you all❤

Aynne P.
Dear Tara, I hope this email finds you and your family well and safe. I am writing to thank you for providing Eddy as our replacement for Daphnee for 2 weeks. Eddy has been a delight to have at my Dad’s. She was very attentive, respectful and professional. She picked up and followed my father’s needs quickly. Not once did she fail to give him whatever he asked for or required. My sisters and I thank you for providing her to us and we would be grateful if she could be a replacement whenever needed in the future. Thank you

“JFS at Home has allowed clients to stay in their homes at the time when they were afraid of contacting Covid. Our ability to support the frail and ill at a reasonable cost achieved our goal of being an important service provider to our community. JFS at Home also serves many of our beloved Holocaust Survivors. We highly recommend using their services for both short and long term needs.”

Ivan and Linda G.

Seniors have always been at the heart of JFS and in just a few years baby boomers will start turning 80. “Most seniors are living longer with declining health and abilities, and many are now outliving their assets. Only a small percentage have children that are local for physical help and many have children who either don’t have the funds, or are unwilling to use their funds, to help their parents.

The vast majority of aging seniors want to stay in their homes, where history shows they do better.

To do so, they need caregivers but the combination of (1) increased seniors needing home-care, (2) the decline in birthrates and geographical trends making it far less likely that the children of our seniors are “local” and both wiling and able to help their parents and (3) the very clear trend of wages on the low end of the spectrum moving higher, create the perfect storm. Higher demand+ lower supply = substantially higher costs of home-care. We created JFS at home to insure JFS clients get quality home-care and seamless referrals to all of the JFS programs that can permit our seniors to live out their lives in dignity and to help pay for some of the care of the seniors who can’t afford home-care.

Ron and Meryl Gallatin

One of the unique aspects of JFS at Home is its affiliation with JFS. We like the synergy and collaboration between the two agencies with the end goal of keeping seniors at home aging in place safely. We know how challenging it can be to care for a loved one and its comforting to know JFS at Home is here, ready and able to help.

Richard and Stephanie Chestnov

We contacted JFS At Home when my 92 year old mother-in-law, Alice, moved into Sinai Residences a few years ago. JFS At Home provided daily aides for Alice for about 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, which allowed her to live Independently in her own apartment, maintaining her sense of dignity and independence. And when Alice needed temporary 24 hour assistance, like when she came out of the hospital after surgery, JFS At Home provided that assistance as well..

JFS At Home provided quality aides that varied in skill levels, contingent on my Alice’s needs, and relieved us of the obligation to arrange schedules and coverage, and gave us the peace of mind knowing she was being well cared for in good hands and not alone.

We sincerely appreciated the availability and assistance of this service, and support its existence to help us and other people in our community at a more reasonable cost than other private nursing and companion service companies.

Vic and Vicki Weinstein
Steve and I have lived in the community a long time and I was on the Board of JFS when the concept of creating JFS at Home was brought forward and ultimately approved. It’s gratifying to know that a non-profit homecare agency is in our community and has such as strong alliance with JFS. JFS at Home compliments services for seniors that JFS already provides and does so with the utmost compassion for all its clients.
Dr. Steven and Laura Litinsky