JFS at Home, LLC refers trusted, compassionate, pre-screened companions to our clients residing primarily in South Palm Beach County. These professionals are available around the clock to offer quality and caring assistance.

It’s been well established that an important way to improve the quality of life for a senior is through companionship and social interaction, especially if the senior isn’t in the company of others on a daily basis. That’s why JFS at Home, LLC offers life-enhancing Senior Companionship services. Senior Companionship is the perfect option when you, a family member or a friend, are not always present to offer social interaction, transportation, and accompaniment when leaving home to monitor safety and well-being or simply respite from being a primary caregiver.

Through JFS at Home, LLC, we carefully match trained, caring and responsible professionals to provide quality care for clients who:

  • are in pain or recovering from sickness or surgery
  • have limited range of mobility to ambulate safely
  • are socially withdrawn
  • suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or depression
  • are simply unable to care for him or herself anymore
  • have no one locally to look after his or her daily needs

In addition to a thoughtful assessment process, we get to know each client and his/her individual needs, frequency for care and the types of companionship they require. Services are available hourly, daily or on an as-needed basis.

Find out how JFS at Home, LLC can accommodate your particular needs or the needs of a loved one. Answer a few questions and we’ll be in touch to schedule a FREE consultation.

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We understand that as people age, their capabilities may change. JFS at Home, LLC Companion Services are here to assist your loved ones, while encouraging them to maintain their independence as much as possible. Our companionship services include transportation to appointments, running errands, shopping, nutritious meal preparation, encouragement and social interaction, daily walks or time outside, advocacy for healthcare and other services or hospital visits.



Young pretty therapist helps her patient to stand up
When you can’t be there, give your loved one the gift of COMPANIONSHIP.
Help a Senior you love regain their independence.
Put a smile on the face of a lonely Senior.
Offer respite to a primary caregiver.

We train and carefully match responsible, caring individuals who provide:

• Companionship and assistance with daily tasks
• Transportation to shopping and appointments
• Nutritious meal preparation
• Encouragement to participate in social activities
• Daily walks
• Advocacy in the healthcare setting
• Hospital visitation
• Respite to primary caregivers

And more…

We get to know each individual client and match them with a caregiver who will meet their needs. Whether you need 4 hours per week, 40 hours per week or more, we are here to help improve the quality of life of Seniors.

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  • We helped Mary, we can help your loved one too!

    Mary is an 85 year old frail elderly woman from Boca Raton. She is also a Holocaust survivor and a cancer survivor. Because of her recent cancer surgery, Mary has many medical needs. JFS at Home, LLC provides her with part time home care three days per week. The aide provides her with transportation to medical appointments, bathing assistance, meal preparation, laundry, light housekeeping and shopping. Without help from JFS at Home, LLC, she would be at high risk of being institutionalized.