Few things compare to the peace of mind you have when you know your loved one is receiving the attention and assistance they require from caring professionals and caregivers you trust. While it’s often emotionally difficult to make decisions about how to best care for someone you love, there comes a time when the next step must be taken. In some cases, that means seeking consistent care.

When is Live-In care required for a loved one?
  • When they are unable to care for themselves around the clock.
  • When they aren’t able to get up on their own at night or throughout the
    day to perform daily tasks such as toileting, bathing, dressing, grooming or safe ambulation.
  • When they need help with meals and nutrition throughout the day and night.
  • When they are forgetful and unsure of who or where they are
    throughout the day and night.

Our live-in senior care option is for those who need consistent attention from a caregiver around the clock. Assistance includes dressing, bathing, medication management, shopping, bill paying and other paperwork, meal preparation, transportation and the full range of activities of daily living (ADL). It also includes companionship and social interaction— like playing cards, conversation, spending time outside, and watching movies together.

The level of care and time spent at the home depends on each client’s needs. For 24-hour care, the same team of trusted caregivers will work in rotating shifts for consistency.

When choosing live-in care, it’s a great idea to make an informed decision. To assist with this, we suggest you choose a company you can trust and feel comfortable with and the fees are within your price range. This is where JFS at Home, LLC falls into place to provide the most qualified caregivers to address the needs of you and your loved one and be affordable at the same time. Live-in care is a wonderful option that allows clients to age in their own homes while maintaining wellness, dignity and independence. It also adds to their quality of life with a caregiver available to offer social interaction and consistent attention.

Find out how JFS at Home, LLC can accommodate your particular needs or the needs of a loved one. Answer a few questions and we’ll be in touch to schedule a FREE consultation.